The Studio

Unlimited Arts Studio- The Passion Project

We need your help to make this happen. Read below for details.

I want to create a safe space where creators could come to be inspired; a place that is inclusive and judgement free where you can escape from the stressors in life, but also be able to work on your projects. I want the space to provide an environment that allows for you to hang out and relax, or get your hustle on and work. The difference in my space versus other co-working spaces is that Unlimited Arts Studio will have art supplies, space to spread out and get messy at an affordable cost in a comfortable environment that is welcoming to all walks of life. 

This studio needs to be in an area where art is life, so it makes complete sense to open up in Minneapolis (actual location is TBD on funding). I believe in a crawl, walk, run model in order for success to be achieved. So, In the beginning, I want to supply some basic art supplies for the members, and the goal would be to add more elaborate tools/supplies over time. The space would also be available for you to rent out to teach classes, host events or even have an art party. Future plans would involve having different kinds of artists come in to teach their mediums throughout different workshops and such. Please know that I am not a teacher, and would not be the one teaching any sort of classes. Expansion for private studio space, soundproofed spaces (think musicians, podcasts, etc.) and top of the line machines is the ultimate goal. 

The Gallery

This space would serve as an outlet where artists of all walks of life have a space to showcase and sell their goods. The ultimate plan would be to have pop-up shops and events on a regular basis to showcase local artists while providing a long term opportunity for you to have an evergreen place to sell your art. Of course, this shop will be a physical representation of what is going on inside my head, so be prepared… This gallery will not look like anything else you have seen in Minneapolis.  Most everything you see in the shop will be available for sale from the lighting to the furniture along with the art of course. 

The Community

I strongly believe that art is beauty. It can provide people with a creative outlet during their good and bad times. It can make something ugly, a masterpiece. There are no rules to art. Having a heavy art presence in the community is a beneficial thing. I would be providing an affordable place for artists to come and create, but I also want to help out in the community. Overtime, I will provide a space for professionals in different mediums to use the space to host workshops, classes and provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn different art mediums or how to take their passions to the next level. 

How Can You Help?

An Indiegogo campaign launched on 2/25/24 and runs through 4/6/24. We understand that not everyone has the means to donate, so if you can share the Indiegogo on all your social media, text it to your homies, email it to your buddies, hell scream it from the rooftops, it would mean the world to us. Of course, if you have some extra dough sitting around, make a donation. There are some really dope perks that we are offering to the donors. 

Here is a link to the Indiegogo campaign: